Technology is great, and we have loads of it to help you, along with videos, checklists and resources, but what happens when you need someone to talk to about a problem? Every entrepreneur gets stuck – our mentors have been there before. We have a range of experiences, and can help you talk through an idea, offer experience, contacts and skills to help you attack problems.


We have a number of entrepreneurs who have had businesses themselves, consulted with others and have specific subject matter expertise. We can help you.

The hub offers an opportunity to get more out of mentoring. If you’re using our analytics or lean canvas tools, we can look at real data and information to help guide you, making giving more informed advice and tracking your progress as you go.

Sometimes you may want to talk through an idea, others to make a decision. We use our experience to help you get things done, and are always on hand to give an expert view – its not so much about coaching as helping you get the most out of your crowdfund or business.