Whatever stage you’re at, whether you just have an idea, you’re planning a campaign or looking to scale a business, we’ve created courses to take you through the whole process. The courses have been put together by members of our own team who have run businesses or are the department heads and experts who put the platform together and executed a $4m crowdfund themselves.


Each course has videos created by an expert on the team. These courses cover things like developing a proposition, creating a brand story, social and web marketing, crowdfunding essentials and campaigns.

We‘ve structured the courses so that it starts with videos to introduce you to the topic, then additional resources such as worksheets, checklists and other documents to help you take the information in the videos and apply it to your enterprise in a way that’s relevant to you.

On top of that, we’ve also included other resources from around the web to help give you even more ways to execute what you’ve learned.

If you’re looking to crowdfund, starting the crowdfunding course will give you essential steps to success, if you’re a business you’ll find specific courses on different aspects of business and marketing.